Monthly Coffee Box

Our June Coffee Box is sold out!

Come back in early July to see what our next Monthly Coffee Box will be. 

To place an order, just fill in the form below, make sure to give us your full address and contact details, and then we will get your order ready. The Box costs $56 for 4 bags of coffee, 12 oz. each (a savings of $10 over the regular price). If you are local to our shop (within 30 minutes of Newburgh), then delivery is free. If you are outside our local delivery area, then there is a flat-rate shipping charge of $11.50.

June Coffee Box Selection

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June's Selection

Brasil. Caatinga, Planalto de Bahia. These are very distinctive, unusual coffee beans of the Peaberry variety. They are smaller and denser, more packed with flavor than other varieties. Most Brasilian coffees are seen as being very good for medium roast with a smoother, lighter flavor, but these beans suit our dark roast style very well. Try them and tell us what you think!

Colombia. Huila, ASOBOMBO Co-Op. This is a special selection of beans from over 170 young producers who have brought together an amazing combination of Caturra (very typical for the region), Bourbon (unusual for the region) and Geisha (truly spectacular, rare within the coffee world) varieties to make this incredibly smooth coffee offering. We are already getting rave reviews for this coffee from our customers, and we hope you like it as much as we do!

 Guji, Dawa Basin. This region has produced some of our favorite coffees. Regular customers may remember that we recently featured an Ethiopian Guji coffee from the Mt. Kayon Farm, and this one is even more unique and special. In the Dawa Basin, there are still a lot of coffee trees that grow wild in the firests, so some of the farmers have been transplanting wild seedlings and cultivating them alongside their longer-standing crops at altitudes around 2000 masl (that's Jamaica Blue Mountain kind of elevation). The combination of flavors is truly unique and we may just make this our staple coffee for the rest of the year. 

Honduras. Copan, CAFICO Co-Op. This coffee is not only a delicious, smooth, very drinkable coffee, but it is also emblematic of a new wave of young coffee entrepreneurs who are taking coffee to the next level as a force for economic and social change. Over 350 young growers contributed to this selection from their 2021 crops, in an effort to demonstrate their pride in and dedication to growing world class coffee. 


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You can make special requests in the form below, such as:


Can I substitute one of the regular bags of coffee with a decaf coffee?

Yes, of course you can!  Just tell us which one you want substituted and we'll be delighted to send you some delicious, dark, bold, smooth decaf. Our decaf is always a single-origin, organic coffee that is roasted with the same care as our other coffees.


Can you grind my coffee, say, medium grind for pour-over?

Yes, of course we can!  Just please remember that ground coffee won't stay as fresh for as long a time as whole beans will. (Ask us for some free advice on coffee grinders...)


Can I order a box as a present to be sent to someone else?

Yes, of course you can!  Just fill in your email address and telephone number, for billing purposes, and the recipient's complete mailing address in the special instructions box, so we can mail a box to them.


Can I request a specific origin of coffee, maybe something I had before and liked very much? 

Probably not. We are really proud that we roast in relatively small batches for these monthly boxes and, while we'll do our best to help with your requests, we can't guarantee that we will have more of previous batches each month.


Can I request a lighter roast?

No. This is Rob's Roast Coffees and we only roast dark, smooth, bold and delicious coffee profiles.

We don't do medium or light roasts, just dark roast.

Once you fill in the form below and hit the Submit  button, we will double-check the details of your order and then send you an invoice via email for secure online payment.

Monthly Coffee Box

Thanks for your order!We will be in touch shortly to confirm your order and send you an invoice for online payment.

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