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Our September Coffee Box is sold out

This month's selection sold out very fast! Come back in early October (most likely the 6th or 7th) and check out our October Coffee Box).

Indonesian Coffees


September's Selection

Bali. These beans are grown and processed in the northern Kintamani Highlands at almost 1,700 masl.  There are strict controls on Bali for all coffee farms to use no pesticides and only organic fertilizers, along with natural, sundried processing that takes 2-3 weeks of drying and turning by hand! These are a mixture of highly sought-after Bourbon and Typica beans that should produce an exceptionally smooth cup of coffee.

Java. Practically next door to the Kintamani Highlands of Bali, we have the Kayumas coffee-growing region in the easternmost part of Java. These beans are grown at about 1,600 masl and are 100% Organic Typica beans. They use a wet-hulling process to remove the outer layer and then sun-dry the beans, giving these a slightly sweeter, more chocolatey taste.

Sulawesi.  A much less famous coffee-growing part of Indonesia than these others, Western Sulawesi is producing some amazing, high-altitude coffees at about 2,000 masl. The wet-hull process on these Catimor beans produces a very bold but smooth flavor.

Sumatra. These beans are from the Aceh Highlands of Sumatra, on the very northern tip of the island, grown at about 1,400 masl. They also use a wet-hulled process for these Typica and Catimor beans, with a slightly more earthy flavor.

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You can make special requests in the form below, such as:


Can I substitute one of the regular bags of coffee with a decaf coffee?

Yes, of course you can!  Just tell us which one you want substituted and we'll be delighted to send you some delicious, dark, bold, smooth decaf. Our decaf is always a single-origin, organic coffee that is roasted with the same care as our other coffees.


Can you grind my coffee, say, medium grind for pour-over?

Yes, of course we can!  Just please remember that ground coffee won't stay as fresh for as long a time as whole beans will. (Ask us for some free advice on coffee grinders...)


Can I order a box as a present to be sent to someone else?

Yes, of course you can!  Just fill in your email address and telephone number, for billing purposes, and the recipient's complete mailing address in the special instructions box, so we can mail a box to them.


Can I request a specific origin of coffee, maybe something I had before and liked very much? 

Probably not. We are really proud that we roast in relatively small batches for these monthly boxes and, while we'll do our best to help with your requests, we can't guarantee that we will have more of previous batches each month.


Can I request a lighter roast?

No. This is Rob's Roast Coffees and we only roast dark, smooth, bold and delicious coffee profiles.

We don't do medium or light roasts, just dark roast.

Once you fill in the form below and hit the Submit  button, we will double-check the details of your order and then send you an invoice via email for secure online payment.

Monthly Coffee Box

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