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Monthly Coffee Box

Our January Coffee Box is here!

We will resume deliveries of our delicious coffees on January 14, 2023. 

Each month, we offer a curated selection of 4 coffees at a special package price of $58 (normally, 4 bags of our coffee would cost $68). If you are within 20 minutes of Newburgh, NY, then we will deliver to you for free. If you are farther away (anywhere in the continental US), then delivery will be a flat fee of $15 for USPS Special Delivery. 

Read below for this month's selection

4 East African Coffee for January 2023


Burundi. These are Red Bourbon coffee beans from the Kayanza Province of Burundi, in the north of the country not far from the border with Rwanda, grown at 1,700-2,000 masl. These beans are washed and then sun-dried on raised beds, giving a clean, smooth taste to the coffee.

Kenya. Grown in Kiambu Couty just north of Nairobi, at 1,500 masl, these coffee beans are wet-milled and sun-dried right on the Muiri Estate the same day they are picked. These coffee beans have been described as having a citrusy flavor, so we are going to roast these beans a little lighter than our usual Rob's Roast very dark profile.

.  This is a Bourbon coffee bean from the northern province of Abakundakawa (which means, literally, "those who love coffee"), near the border with Uganda, where they are grown at 1,500-1,600 masl by the Hingakawa Women's Association. They say this coffee has a honey sweetness that is very distinctive.

Uganda.  We have featured this coffee before, grown by the Sipi Falls Project on Mt. Elgon in the east of Uganda not far from the border with Kenya. These are also Bourbon coffee beans that have a smooth, cocoa-like flavor and have been one of our favorites for the past couple of years.

You can make special requests in the form below, such as:


Can I substitute one of the regular bags of coffee with a decaf coffee?

Yes, of course you can!  Just tell us which one you want substituted and we'll be delighted to send you some delicious, dark, bold, smooth decaf. Our decaf is always a single-origin, organic coffee that is roasted with the same care as our other coffees.


Can you grind my coffee, say, medium grind for pour-over?

Yes, of course we can!  Just please remember that ground coffee won't stay as fresh for as long a time as whole beans will. (Ask us for some free advice on coffee grinders...)


Can I order a box as a present to be sent to someone else?

Yes, of course you can!  Just fill in your email address and telephone number, for billing purposes, and the recipient's complete mailing address in the special instructions box, so we can mail a box to them.


Can I request a specific origin of coffee, maybe something I had before and liked very much? 

Probably not. We are really proud that we roast in relatively small batches for these monthly boxes and, while we'll do our best to help with your requests, we can't guarantee that we will have more of previous batches each month.


Can I request a lighter roast?

No. This is Rob's Roast Coffees and we only roast dark, smooth, bold and delicious coffee profiles.

We don't do medium or light roasts, just dark roast.

Once you fill in the form below and hit the Submit  button, we will double-check the details of your order and then send you an invoice via email for secure online payment.

Monthly Coffee Box

Thanks for your order!We will be in touch shortly to confirm your order and send you an invoice for online payment.

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