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Velopresso Wedding Hire in the Hudson Valley

Looking to have a whimsical yet stylish coffee service for your wedding? Our Velopresso is a pedal-powered espresso machine on wheels that can make barista-quality espresso drinks to add that special touch to your celebrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of events do you do? The Velopresso is ideal for weddings of 50 to 200 people. If you have a larger event, we can discuss time frames and additional services.

The Velopresso makes an excellent addition to the cocktail hour (we have several coffee cocktail recipes we can share with your bartender), as well as an excellent after-meal coffee service. 


What types of coffees do you serve on the Velopresso? We make espressos, espresso macchiatos, cortados, cappuccinos and a few other drinks by special request.

We can also add cold brew and/or a regular filter coffee service for larger events, if needed.


What kind of coffee beans do you use to make your coffees? We roast all our own coffee beans, too, using only single-origin, Organic coffees, and we roast them dark, bold, smooth and delicious.

How much do you charge for your Event Hire? Since each event is different, the price will depend on location of the venue (we like to visit the venue to check some important details before finalizing any agreement), number of guests and duration of the event. Fill out the form below and then we can follow up with you ASAP!

Wedding Hire Inquiry

Thanks for your inquiry! We'll get back to you ASAP!

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